Leading the Drive to Dependability

Accuride Wheels is led by a strong, focused team of men and women who not only know their business – how to manufacture and market the highest quality, greatest value wheels and wheel-end system solutions in the commercial vehicle industry – but who also know that that knowledge means nothing if it is not dependably delivered. Delivering dependably isn’t just the responsibility of an operator, the CEO or any one person in between. And it’s not just about the physical products we ship out our doors. It’s about every Accuride associate being committed to conducting business in conformance with the highest ethical standards and in compliance with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements, ensuring that his or her personal conduct complies with the Accuride Code of Conduct, and always keeping our customers’ needs foremost in all that we do.
Robin Kendrick
President and CEO

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Scott D. Hazlett
President, Accuride Wheels Europe and Asia
Corporate Officer

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Gregory A. Risch
President, Accuride Wheels North America
Corporate Officer

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Jacqueline Askins Director, Human Resources Management, Wheels
Julie Eder Internal Sales Manager/Master Planner
Mike Palladino Director, Product Management, Wheels
Mike Waller Director of Operations, Henderson Operations
Kevin Salinas Operations Manager, Accuride de Mexico
Craig Kessler Senior Vice President, Engineering
Rob Jozwiak Director of Operations, London (Ontario) Operations
Greg Dauer Director of Operations, Erie Operations
William Neil Vice President,  Inventory Control, Internal Sales and Distribution
Timothy Rogers General Manager, AOT (Assemblies On Time)

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