Demountable Rims & Components

Demountable Rims & Components

To learn more about Accuride demountable rims and components, continue reading below or view the 2019 Accuride Wheels Product Catalog (PDF).

Tubeless Demountable Rims

Accuride’s years of experience and computer-aided designs provide the highest strength, the lightest weight and the best ride of any steel demountable rim assembly on the market. This is why we produce more medium and heavy truck steel rims than any other manufacturer in North America. Accuride medium/heavy steel demountable rim assemblies for cast spoke wheels are a standard product at all major truck OEMs using this type of hub system. Tubeless demountable rims are also available in the heavy duty versions for “Special Vocational” Applications.

Accuride also offers 15”, 20” and 22” spacer bands for use with tubeless demountable rims.

Tube-type Demountable Rims

Accuride manufacturers a selection of tube-type demountable rim assemblies for the medium/heavy commercial truck industry. The rims feature 5 degree bead seats to provide maximum support under the entire width of tire beads with cast spoke wheels. Accuride tube-type demountable rims are available in a variety of sizes along with associated channel and corrugated spacer bands.

Duplex® Wide-base Demountable Rim Assemblies

Accuride Wheels manufactures a full line of 22.5 x 12.25 and 22.5 x 13.00 front and rear application Duplex® wide-base demountable rims. Ideal for installation on Gunite cast spoke wheels.

Spacer Bands

Corrugated steel channel spacer bands are available in a variety of sizes for the medium/heavy commercial vehicle industry. Enhancements have been made to the corrugated channel spacer to improve strength and performance, with the material thickness being increased by over 27%, and a taller flange designed into the edge of the spacer to ensure optimal strength.

For the optimal wheel end solution, always pair Accuride brand demountable rims with Gunite brand spoke wheels.