Wheel and Rim Coating and Finishing Options

Wheel and Rim Coating and Finishing Options

The best wheels deserve the best coatings. That’s why Accuride Wheels devotes the same attention to the painting, coating and finishing of our wheels as to the engineering and manufacturing. We offer a variety of paint, coating and finishing options to ensure that you get just the performance you need from your wheel. To top it off, we finish our wheels in-house in conformance with our strenuous quality assurance standards.

Accuride’s Steel Armor™

Premium performance powder topcoat   – now standard

Steel Armor™ steel wheel powder coating technology employs a proprietary protection process that is unique to Accuride.  Improving the look and life of your wheels.  That’s Steel Armor™.  It’s the clear choice to ensure you get the maximum life from your steel wheels.

Powder topcoat is available standard in white, gray, and black wheels and rims. Custom colors are available upon request.

Paint Options

Finish White Gray Black
Powder Topcoat (PK) 51487PKWHT21 51487PKGR21 51487PKBLK21

Aluminum Wheel Finish Options

Extra Polish (XP)

This ultra-polished finish on both sides of the wheel is exclusively available on select aluminum wheels.

Accu-Lite® Aluminum Wheels
Part Number Size
41644 22.5 x 8.25
41362 24.5 x 8.25
42140 22.5 x 14.00 – 0.5″
42142 22.5 x 14.00 – 2″
41730 22.5 x 9.00
28632 22.5 x 8.25
29560 22.5 x 8.25
40014 22.5 x 8.25
29562 22.5 x 9.00
40180 22.5 x 9.00

Accuride Standard Polish and Extra Polish Aluminum Wheels General Cleaning Procedure (PDF)

Standard Polish (SP)

The SP process polishes the full surface of the wheel. Sometimes referred to as “semi-polished.”

Standard on all aluminum wheel part numbers.

Accu-Shield® Aluminum Wheels

Low Maintenance, Easy Cleaning Finish

The exclusive Accu-Shield® treatment is designed so that our Accuride aluminum wheels can keep their bright, shiny appearance even under the rigorous conditions of the trucking industry. Accu-Shield aluminum wheels clean quickly and easily with only mild soap and water or standard non-abrasive household cleaners, saving time and money on polishing and maintenance.

The Accu-Shield treatment can be specified to enhance the XP and SP polishes. Cannot be combined with the Accu-Armor surface treatment.

Accu-Armor™ Aluminum Wheel Surface Treatment

Scratch and Corrosion Resistant | Very Low Maintenance | Ideal for Vocational Use

Accuride’s distinctive Accu-Armor premium aluminum wheel surface treatment is ideal for applications that require low maintenance and corrosion-resistant performance. Accu-Armor wheels are highly resistant to the kinds of scuffs and scratches that occur during normal wear and should never corrode. This makes them ideal for use in vocational settings where weight sensitivity and low maintenance are key. In addition, the distinctive look has real appeal for those who want a rig that stands out from the crowd.

An alternative to standard XP and SP polishes, the Accu-Armor Aluminum Wheel Surface Treatment is available on the following Accuride wheels:

Accu-Lite® Aluminum Wheels Heavy Load Application Wheels Aluminum Duplex® Wheels
Part Number Size Part Number Size Part Number Size
41644R 22.5 x 8.25 40008R 22.5 x 8.25 29378R 22.5 x 12.25
41362R 24.5 x 8.25 40012R 22.5 x 9.0 29683R 22.5 x 12.25
42140R 22.5 x 14.00 – 0.5″ 41730R 22.5 x 9.0 29374R 22.5 x 12.25
42142R 22.5 x 14.00 – 2″ 29376R 22.5 x 13.00

Aluminum Wheel Finish Ordering Guide

Finish PN Example With Accu-Shield (C)
Extra Polish (XP) 41644XP 41644XPC
Standard Polish (SP) 41644SP 41644SPC
Accu-Armor (R) 41644R N/A
Accu-Flange (F) 41644F N/A